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12V 24V 48V 30A 40A 60A PWM Intelligent Regulator Solar Charge Controller with LCD Display

This controller is a 12V / 24V automatic solar controller, the first installation, make sure that the battery has enough voltage, so that the controller can correctly identify the type of battery.


    Product Introduction

    This controller is a intelligent, multi-purpose solar charge and discharge controller. Fixed LCD display with a very friendly interface is used in this product; various control parameters can be flexibly set, fully meet your various application requirements. This is NEW Solar Controller ,It can recognize 12V and 24V Lead acid ,Gel battery, nickel metal hybrid, lithium ions , Lifepo4 or other batteries automatically.


    • Build-in industrial micro controller.
    • Big LCD display,all adjustable parameter.
    • Fully 3-stage PWM charge management.
    • Build-in short-circuit protection,open-circuit protection,reverse protection,overload protection.
    • Dual USB output, the maximum current of 2.5A, to support Apple's mobile phone charging.
    • Dual mosfet Reverse current protection,low heat production.

    Product Parameters

    Charging Current 10A 20A 30A 40A 50A 60A
    Discharging Current 10A 20A 30A 40A 50A 60A
    Battery Voltage 12V 24V Auto
    Max Solar input 48V(for 24V battery) 24V(for 12V battery)
    Equalization 14.4V(Sealed) 14.2V(Gel) 14.6V(Flood)
    Float charge 13.7V(defaul,adjustable)
    Discharge stop 10.7V(defaul,adjustable)
    Discharge reconnect 12.6V(defaul,adjustable)
    Charge reconnect 13V
    Voltage of open light Solar Panel 8V(Light lights delay)
    Voltage of close light Solar Panel 8V(Light off delay)
    USB output 5V/3A
    Self-consume <10mA
    Operating temperature -35°C~+60°C


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