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Brand Solar Panel


JA solar panels 410w 435w 460w 545w 540w 565w 580w 590w 610w 625w 635w price for sale


JA Solar Brand Solar Panel

1. Higher power generation better LCOE

2. n-type with very Lower LID

3. Better Temperature Coefficient

4. Better low irradiance response

5. 12-year product warranty

6. 30-year linear power output warranty

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jinko tiger neo n-type mono 425w 470w 540w 545w 550w 550w 555w 590w 610w 635w bifacial solar panel price


Jinko Brand Solar Panel

N-type Technology:N-type modules with Tunnel OxidePassivating Contacts (TOPCon) technologyoffer lower LID/LeTID degradation and better low light performance.

HOT 2.0 Technology:N-type modules with JinkoSolar's HOT 2.0 technology offer better reliability and efficiency

Durability Against Extreme Environment:High salt mist and ammonia resistance.

Mechanical Load Enhanced:Certified to withstand: 5400 Pa front side max static test load, 2400 Pa rear side max static test load

SMBB Technology:Better light trapping and current collection to improve module power output and reliability

Anti-PID Guarantee:Minimizes the chance of degradation caused by PID phenomena through optimization of cell production technology and material control.

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longi solar panels bifacial 405w 425w 540w 560w 580w 600w 600w himo6 620w hi-mo6 hi-mo7 double glass


LONGI Brand Solar Panel

1. Module Efficiency:>22.5

2. 12 years Product Warranty

3. 30 years Power Warranty

4. Reliable upgrade, leading warranty

5. Significant improvement in power generation performance

6. Operation and Maintenance cost savings

7. BOS cost savings

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Mono trina bifacial vertex solar panel


Trina Brand Solar Panel

The all-new Vertex Supreme N-type high-efficiency component has excellent characteristics such as high conversion efficiency, high double-sided rate, low temperature coefficient, and low attenuation of N-type batteries. Based on the advanced 210 product technology platform, it further amplifies the advantages of high power, high efficiency, high power generation, high reliability, and low electricity cost. 210 and N mutually support each other, making the lead even more advanced.

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Canadian paneles solares n type solar panels


Bifacial solar price 405w 445w 450w 550w 550 watts 600w 650w 670w 685w 715w

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