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longi solar panels bifacial 405w 425w 540w 560w 580w 600w 600w himo6 620w hi-mo6 hi-mo7 double glass

LONGI Brand Solar Panel

1. Module Efficiency:>22.5

2. 12 years Product Warranty

3. 30 years Power Warranty

4. Reliable upgrade, leading warranty

5. Significant improvement in power generation performance

6. Operation and Maintenance cost savings

7. BOS cost savings


    Product Parameters

    Module model LR4-60HPH 365-385M LR4-72HPH 445-465M LR5-54HPH 405-425M LR5-72HPH 540-560M LR5-72HTH 565-585M
    Power Range 365-385W 445-465W 405-425W 540-560W 565-585W
    No. of Cells 120 cells 144 cells 108 cells 144 cells 144 cells
    Dimension 1755X1038X35mm 2094x1038x35mm 1722x1134x30mm 2278x1134x35mm 2278x1134x35mm
    Weight 19.5kg 24.3kg 20.8kg 27.5kg 27.5kg
    Modules per box 30pcs 30pcs 36pcs 31pcs 31pcs
    Modules per 40' container 780pcs 660pcs 936pcs 620pcs 620pcs

    Product Introduction


    Hi-MO 4m LR4-60HPH 365~385M

    Power Range: 365-385W

    No. of Cells: 120 cells

    Dimension: 2094x1038x35 mm

    Dimension: 1755×1038×35 mm

    Weight: 19.5 kg

    Modules per box: 30pcs

    Modules per 40' container: 780pcs

    Hi-MO 4m LR4-72HPH 445~465M

    Power Range: 445-465W

    No. of Cells: 144 cells

    Dimension: 2094x1038x35 mm

    Weight: 24.3 kg

    Modules per box: 30pcs

    Modules per 40' container: 660pcs


    Hi-MO 5m LR5-54HPH 405~425M

    Power Range: 405-425W 

    No. of Cells: 108 cells

    Dimension: 1722×1134×30 mm

    Weight: 20.8 kg

    Modules per box: 36pcs

    Modules per 40' container: 936pcs

    Hi-MO X6 LR5-72HTH 565~585M

    Power Range: 565-585W

    No. of Cells: 144 cells

    Dimension: 2278×1134×35 mm mm

    Weight: 27.5 kg

    Modules per box: 31pcs

    Modules per 40' container: 620pcs


    Grade A Material



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