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MPPT 40A 60A 12V 24V 48V Auto Solar Charging Controller

This product can real-time detect the power of solar panels, and track the highest voltage current value, make the system with maximum power output for battery charging. Used in off-grid solar pv system, coordinate the efforts of solar panels,battery,load, is the core of off-grid pv system control unit.



    • Intelligent Maximum Power Point Tracking technology.
    • Built-in DSP controller with high performance.
    • Automatic battery voltage detection 12V/24V/36V/48V.
    • Three-stage charging optimizes battery performance.
    • Multi-function LCD displays.
    • Reverse polarity protection of solar panel .
    • Overcharge protection.
    • Can be mounted easily.
    • Suitable for battery types of sealed lead acid, vented Gel, and Lithium battery.

    Product Parameters

    Model MPPT-40A MPPT-60A
    Maximum power current 40A 60A
    Battery Voltage 12V/24V/36V/48V Auto
    Max PV Input Power 12V-480W ; 24V-960W 36V-1400W ; 48V-1700W 12V-720W ; 24V-1440W 36V-2100W ; 48V-2800W
    Max PV input voltage(Voc) 12V System (20~80V) ; 24V System(37-105V) 36V System(50~160V) ; 48V System(72~160V)
    Over charging protection voltage 30V 60V
    Limited current protection 42A 61A
    Terminal 10AWG(8mm2) 10AWG(10mm2)
    Weight 1.4Kg


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